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Adjusta Mattress Australia has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Business Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2021. The Australian Business Award for Business Innovation [BIA] recognises organisations that have successfully implemented initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to business innovation.

“As a leader in the adjustable bedding industry in both Australia & New Zealand, sleep health is the foundation behind our vision and core values at Adjusta Mattress. We continually aim to improve the quality of life for individuals who experience a range of health conditions, as well as those who experience poor sleep health, through positional therapy when at home, travelling on the road or at sea. The Australian Business Award for Business Innovation provides us with further motivation to explore and test new limits within the sleep health realm.”

Jay Burnz, Director, Adjusta Mattress

Adjusta Mattress provides premium quality, adjustable sleep systems unlike anything else in the market which enables one to keep their existing bed base whilst still offering the benefits of adjustability. The sleep systems are listed with the ARTG as a class 1 medical device. The company aims to assist all individuals over the age of 35 to make a positive change in their lives through education on the benefits of sleep, as well as positional and vibrational therapy.

The sleep systems may assist people who are suffering with any of the following health complaints including, but not limited to; reflux, fatigue, restless legs, stress anxiety, broken sleep, cramps, upper back pain, lower back pain, asthma, arthritic pain, sciatica, poor blood circulation and sleep apnoea. In addition, our products are also suited to people who are fit, active and healthy, and wish to enhance their lives through the unbelievable benefits of sleep health.

The range of advanced, premium quality, adjustable mattresses provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort and support. The contouring capability of an Adjusta adjustable mattress ensures people stay comfortable and fully supported throughout the night. The adjustable mattress aides the ability to put ones body in a Zero Gravity position which has been scientifically proven to reduce the pressure exerted on ones spine whilst relieving muscle tension and may improve circulation.

The company launched its first product for the home in 2017 and has grown significantly within a relatively short space of time. Soon after the Adjusta Mattress for the home was released, the Director identified a gap in a specific market within Australia & New Zealand. It was found that there were limited to no options to purchase an adjustable mattress’ that could be used inside a caravan, or boat. Considering there are over 678,000 caravan, 700,000 RV’s, and more than 232,000 recreational boats registered within Australia, it was quickly determined the importance of having an adjustable sleep system available to the leisure market.

The primary source of business operates through exhibiting at trade shows across Australia and New Zealand. Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 however, when large events and trade shows were placed on hold the company evolved and grew a new division of the business. The company launched Mobile Showroom vans, which allowed the company to successfully operate during the pandemic by means of convenient ‘at home’ presentations.

Adjusta Mattress have worked over the years to build strong relationships with our corporate affiliations Diabetes QLD, Caravan & Camping Industry Associations of QLD, NSW, and VIC, Boating Industry Association in Australia, Australian Sleep Health Foundation, Arthritis Australia and Sleep Disorders Australia. In addition, the company provides ongoing support to the Spinal Research Foundation of Australia.

Recently Adjusta Mattress has recently been crowned a Good Design Award winner in the Medical & Scientific category in 2020, as well as the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award in 2020 for the Health & Wellbeing Category. In 2021, the Adjusta Bed has been awarded the Product of the Year award which is recocnised in 43 countries.

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