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Hoppr Ltd has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Business Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Business Innovation [BIA] recognises organisations that implement business initiatives which demonstrate innovative solutions for new and existing business needs.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Hoppr is a global advertising innovator that’s created unique, interactive technology that extends its clients’ messaging and branding on digital devices, providing deeper integration into a consumer’s day-to-day consumption.

The company’s flagship solution is HopprTV, which uses patented overlay technology to deliver targeted video and display advertising within previously unused inventory on TV screens. The technology can be instantly linked to any TV style of platform, from streaming services to set top boxes. Through the HopprTV service, the Hoppr team works with advertisers and digital service providers to integrate technology solutions to unlock new revenue streams and generate usable consumer data that can be used to tailor future campaigns.

Nothing beats TV advertising for prestige and reach. The problem is that TV ads largely remain the domain of large brands that can afford to pay for its exposure. Meanwhile, TV platforms worldwide are searching for a digitally focussed way to boost their revenue streams, which have been disrupted by online digital marketing that is cheaper, more interactive and generates rich audience data that enhances marketing campaigns.

HopprTV was created to bridge these gaps by seamlessly placing advertising on unused inventory on individual TV screens. HopprTV allows businesses of any size to deliver messages to highly engaged TV audiences targeted down to the street level, unlocking new revenue streams while generating detailed information about audience habits. With HopprTV integrated to their systems, TV platforms can instantly offer digital advertising solutions that can compete with online rivals, creating a new ecosystem of advertising on the small screen that’s open to more businesses and better able to connect with audiences.

After developing its technology as a turnkey solution with no development required by users, HopprTV sought out industry partners, and swiftly signed strategic partnerships with global media giants like Technicolor, which has access to 700 million set top boxes globally. HopprTV has also developed partnerships with 3SS, which delivers world-class software solutions to operators and broadcasters worldwide, and The Rubicon Project, a globally-focussed digital advertising infrastructure company whose content is seen by more than a billion people.

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