The Australian Business Award for Business Innovation recognises organisations that execute business initiatives which demonstrate innovative solutions for new and existing business needs.

Morlife is a Gold Coast functional food company who manufactures high density, nutrient formulated foods which vastly enhance consumer’s nutritional intake.

The major shift Morlife has made in research is that they have recognised that it is not just one body function that could severely limit the consumers’ ability to gain true wellness. Due to this, the research team are now doing research on several functions within this year. The research process has six levels of execution, each with key questions to repeatedly prod the researcher to think away from their own and consumer’s current nutritional thinking. This ensures they are producing a complete nutritional, high-functional food and are effectively pushing a particular body function to work better. Morlife review existing evidence of their product effectiveness by research. This research includes consumer feedback—such as surveys, tests, testimonials and various measures of proof of wellness, such as from athletes and other groups Morlife sponsors.

Morlife believes their thinking must be ‘out of the box’. They are not just finding a ‘quick fix’ food, and are instead disciplining themselves to find all the nutrients and how they link in function. The innovative approach involves them building new foods. The company celebrates their difference and hope to create a ‘new meaning’ for food. Morlife fully believes that high nutritional food will bring you a new life and that we can get far more out of the function of our body by ‘feeding it the right fuel’. Morlife aims to empower its customers to make far better decisions on their food choices, in particular by using nutritional solutions from Morlife functional foods.

Morlife believe their best measure of success is the fulfilment the Morlife team feel. Morlife is being recognised for a Business Innovation award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.