The Australian Business Award for Business Innovation recognises organisations that execute business initiatives which demonstrate innovative solutions for new and existing business needs.

“The ‘Digital Revolution’ is impacting business like never before, effectively tearing up the rulebook, shaking up the status quo, and turning markets on their head. Winning an ABA100 Award for Innovation in the Australian Business Awards 2016, is great recognition for the vision, creativity and effort that went into developing XL digital’s cutting edge suite of digital transformation services.

“XL digital is all about meeting client demand to deliver better products and services specifically focused on assisting them with their digital transformation, including digital solutions, mobile, user experience and analytics.

“Through adoption of an outcome driven approach, XL digital combines exceptionally talented people with proven methodologies to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions which work. I would like to thank the exceptional XL digital team we have on board helping our fast growing client base increase revenue and profitability through their new digital platforms. After all, the future is digital.”

Paul Jewell, Regional Manager, FinXL
FinXL is an Australian owned, privately held company known for delivering high value ICT services and solutions. Innovation has always been an integral part of FinXL’s culture, and in 2013 they set out to radically refresh their service offering, their brand and their internal systems and procedures.

In October 2015 FinXL launched its new digital brand, XL Digital, which focusses on delivering digital transformation strategies across its client base, including digital solutions, mobile, user experience and analytics. Rather than create a whole new legal entity with wider implications regarding staff, reporting, compliance, governance ect., they opted to create a separately branded digital division within FinXL’s existing legal structure, which offered them all the advantages without too many additional overheads and complications. XL Digital takes on the work in partnership with the client to ensure that the right thinking, resources, skills and experience are in place, and to ensure that each step of the transformation process leads to a successful outcome.

The main measureable outcome and result to demonstrate the effectiveness of XL Digital has been to measure the success it ultimately has in the market in terms of sales revenues generated, new clients attracted, profitability generated from projects undertaken and customer satisfaction feedback. Although it is still relatively early days, sales revenues are growing rapidly; FinXL have already won several new named clients and are talking seriously with several new large commercial clients; the project work they have undertaken to date is profitable; and client feedback received is very positive and encouraging.

FinXL is being recognised for a Business Innovation Award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.