ACM Parts

The Australian Business Award for Business Innovation recognises organisations that execute business initiatives which demonstrate innovative solutions for new and existing business needs.

“ACM Parts is thrilled to be recognised for driving innovation in the Australian automotive parts industry.

“We set out to disrupt a market that was delivering poor value and service to Australian car repairers. ACM Parts entered a sector where parts were expensive, product options were limited, and delivery was slow, and we created real customer choice.

“ACM Parts established a new quality standard for alternative automotive parts by selling cost effective, high-quality recycled and independently certified aftermarket parts to both the motor repair industry and consumers.

“I want to thank ACM Parts’ staff for their hard work and commitment to innovation in a transforming industry. In two years ACM Parts has gone from a start-up to Australia’s biggest automotive recycler and alternative parts supplier, with a footprint of 8 locations servicing the east coast, more than 160 employees and 29% quarter-on-quarter revenue growth.”

Mike Kirkman, CEO, ACM Parts

ACM Parts is an Australian-owned business established to supply automotive parts for the collision and mechanical repair industry. ACM Parts’ business mission is to improve the value and service of the automotive parts market for Australian repairers.

ACM Parts has been able to offer repairers an easy, affordable alternative for sourcing parts by introducing consumer choice into the parts market. This is done by offering a mix of new branded parts, a product line of ACM Certified aftermarket parts and quality-checked recycled parts harvested from some of the 600,000 cars retired from the road each year.

ACM Parts’ key differentiator in the market is that it is a multi-brand supplier. This means customers can manage multiple car repair orders in a single call. Prior starting operation two years ago ACM consulted research conducted by The Allen Consulting Group which found that the dominant dealership networks were charging a premium for their products well out of step with the cost of the vehicle, partly due to an inefficient supply chain. This inefficiency also led to delays in parts shipments to repairers, impacting their cash flow and vehicle turnaround times.

Addressing supply chain issues therefore became a key element of business planning in the development of ACM Parts. ACM Parts worked with supply chain and distribution specialists to develop mechanisms to ensure ACM Parts’ manufacturing partners could deliver on time in full and that ACM Parts could supply customers in the shortest possible lead times.

ACM Parts has been able to introduce an offer including new parts and ACM Certified aftermarket parts that meet the same quality standard at a lower price point. By bringing three part types together in one national offer, with improvements to delivery capacity, ACM Parts has been able to break into the market and become a leader. As a result, ACM parts has been recognised for a Business Innovation award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.